Even if You're just Starting Out With a basic web site You can Combine the reliability, security and Performance of the Linux Platform with windowspace Expert technology and Support for a winning Linux shared hosting solution.

windowspace.net web hosting and web designing sees your web site as your business investing that deserves the best Quality, support and Reliability from your Internet hosting provider. The windowsapce web hosting plan gives you a lot of value for $ 5.00 . 

And as your Internet business grows , you can easily upgrade as needed to other windowspace web hosting plans. The linux web hosting plan is perfect for people who are staking out their daim on the internet for the first time and need a based on linux technology you need your web site to work well without worry. And if you need help or have questions you can E-mail or call a windoespace.net web hosting Support person who will spend real time working with you as needed 42/7/365 , unlike so - culled discount web hosting companies who might leave you twisting in the when a problem comes up .For $ 5.00 / Month you are getting the best internet hosting technology the best commitment and the best service from windowspace.net.

At only $ 5.00 / Month , windowspace . linux shared web hosting Win 500 Plan includes:  

Win 500

 Plan Name - Win 500


 Price - Monthly
 $ 5.00
 $ 55.00
 Set - Up Fee  $ 0
 Disk Space  500 MB
 Band Width  5000 MB
 30 day Money Back Guarantee  Yes
 95% Up Time Guarantee  Yes
 Spam Assassin  Yes
 Spam Filters  Yes
 E-mail Accounts  500
 FTP Accounts  500
 Sub - Domains  500
 C.G.I / Perl  Yes
 PHP 4 . 3 . 8  Yes
 Mailing List  Yes
 Front Page Extension  Yes
 My SQL Database  Yes
 Cpanel Control Panel  Yes
 File Manager  Yes
 Gallery Compatibility  Yes
 E-mail Forwarding  Yes
 E-mail Auto - Responding  Yes
 Image Magic  Yes
 Custom Error page  Yes
 Protected Directories  Yes
 Server Side Include  Yes
 Shopping Carts  Yes
 Audio / Video Streaming  Yes
 Site Reporting Tools  Yes
 Cron Jobs  Yes
 Fantastico Deluxe  Yes
 Technical Support  Yes
 Plane Name - Win 500


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